Our 5 Favorite Ways to De-Stress Our Days


We here at the YW offices found the REMEDY!

and we're ready to share it with you.


Our 5 favorite ways to de-stress our days:

            - SING our hearts out. CRANK IT UP. Grab that "pretend its a microphone" spray can, throw whoever's next to you that brush and engage in a silly group singing/dancing activity. 

            - JOG. JOG. JOG. Let out that steam, take a break and do yourself the favor of running. Feel the freedom and crammed thoughts escape your mind. Run with no purpose but to run. You'll get back with a clearer head and ready to go,

            - MEDITATE. close your eyes, put your earplugs or earphones on, imagine where you want to be, take yourself somewhere in your mind and block out everything that is in the now. Go out of your body and let yourself dream a little. 

            - CRUISE. Take a drive around somewhere secluded, enjoy a sunset or a beautiful beach scenery. Let yourself focus on the little things that make life worth living, breathe, center yourself back to happiness

            - HOLLAH. Call up your homegirls and TALK about it. Talk it out of your system. Yes, we are asking you to nag! I'm sure they've been the other nagging end too. That's what friends are for (Make sure once you've nagged about it once, you've nagged about it enough. A one on one session goes a long way.




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