Meet The Team

Lebanon has reached heights in creativity in the past decade, few of which we noticed (or remember). But now that we look around, in spite of the setbacks in the country, we see an innovative country developed in many areas. We see art in our streets, we see art in our media, our ads. We see and experience new concepts, new places and new things to try. Everyday is a new experience, not always a positive one; but in each day there’s some positivity around us. Our streets are getting more colorful by the day, and our crowds more diverse by the night. We embrace change, but worship traditions. We love black, but know not how to live without colors. We haven’t started Young Wilderness for the love of the clothes only; we have started it because a big part of us believes that each boy and each girl has a story inside that they have to tell in their own way. Clothes and fashion aren’t everything in life, well they are almost the least important things in life; but they are a damn good place to start.
We are young, and we know very few things about life. We have no moral lessons to pass on to you; and we have no wisdom to live by. But, we know the very basic things in life, like being yourself. Not just saying that you love yourself. No. Actually loving yourself, inside out, upside down, in reverse, in black, in white and in unicorn onesies. We care about our happiness, and yours. We want you to stop and smell the flowers, we want you to take out that polaroid of yours and snap pictures of little kids, and toes in the sand, and fireworks and frogs in the middle of Hamra. Just slow down, snap the picture and smile for a stranger.
These are our morals: be good, do good and the rest ain’t up to you.
and now, we are INTERNATIONAL.



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